We get asked to play at a lot of Special Events!
Fundraisers  |  Festivals  |  Weddings  |  Corporate Parties

Maybe it's because of our tight, professional sound.
Maybe it's our charismatic lead singer, Jon, who's personable, engaging and dynamic!
Maybe it's the songs that we play. Or our style of playing.
Maybe it's because we're considerate, on-time, and just pleasant to be around.

8th Annual Estancia TeWinkle Schools Foundation Gala / Costa Mesa, CA

Blue Daddy provided music & entertaint for the Estancia & TeWinkle Schools Foundation Gala at the Costa Mesa Hilton.

We even auctioned ourselves for "An Evening with Blue Daddy."


17th Annual Fire & Lifeguard Appreciation Beach Party / Newport Beach, CA

Over 500 guests were there to honor Lifeguard BEN CARLSON and Firefighter CARLOS MEDINA. Ben gave his life saving a swimmer.

Ben's parents received an award...and Blue Daddy and guests celebrated "A TRUE, AMERICAN HERO!!"


2nd Annual Veteran's Appreciation Festival / Battleship Iowa / San Pedro, CA

The IOWA had our back! Thanks to the men and women who have served our country!!!!